KaJeng Wong

M a n   o f   F i n g e r s


/ Pianist - Artistic Director - Columnist /

/ 鋼琴家 - 藝術總監 - 專作家 /



Once documented in the film “KJ Music and Life”, KJ is now a pianist, a music teacher, an artistic director, an art critic, a columnist and a person.

Studied the piano with Nancy Loo, Gabriel Kwok and Emile Naoumoff, he also learned the violin with Yang BaoZhi, Michael Ma and Ho HungYing. Graduated from Indiana University, he primarily focuses on practicing, teaching and performing. After two years of various experiments, KJ now leads the Music Lab Festival, turning a new chapter for himself and local musicians.

那些年的KJ曾在記錄片《KJ音樂人生》出現。 今天的KJ是一名小鋼琴家,小老師,小藝術總監,小藝評,小專攔作家和小人類。師從羅乃新,郭嘉特和埃米爾.拿奧莫夫老師。他亦曾跟隨楊寶智、馬忠為及何紅英學習小提琴。在印地安那大學雅各斯音學院畢業回港發展音樂事業,專注練習,教學,演出。試驗兩年後開始舉辦《本地薑音樂節》,展開新的一頁。

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